Acenet - Telcoblue Customer Migration


As you may know, Acenet is part of a group of companies with Telco Blue Pty Ltd. On the 21st June, all Acenet customers were notified of an upcoming change to the name of their service provider, with Acenet being migrated under the Telcoblue banner. This migration allows us to align our brands, reduce overheads and pass on better value to our customers.


As of the 11th July 2013, this migration has been completed and your service has now been transferred to Telcoblue. Please find enclosed your new-look invoice with this letter.


What has changed?

Your new monthly invoice will appear in the Telcoblue format;

If you pay your bill by BPay or direct transfer, your payment details have now changed. Please check your new invoice closely to confirm these details before making payment;

The Customer Service & Technical Support number will change to 1300 835 262;


What remains the same?


Telcoblue and Acenet provide services using the same hybrid telecommunications network. As a result, this means that your service quality, phone number, phone lines and, most importantly, your monthly charges will not be affected in any way;



You will continue to be supported by the same great Customer Service Team on the new Customer Service & Technical Support Number of 1300 835 262.


Acenet Webmail

Please feel free to view our website for further information about Telcoblue. It is important to note that, under Section 7 of the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code, you are permitted to exit your contract with no penalties or charges when a change of providers occurs.




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